Globe & Mail’s Business Insider magazine published its first list of Canada’s top wealth advisors in October. In partnership with Shook Research group, the list is the result of extensive analysis, aimed at providing readers with a comprehensive “best of the best” in financial advisors. Ranked in the top 20 percent was Oakwater Wealth Counsel and Harbourfront Wealth Management’s own Wes Ashton, co-founder and Director of Growth Strategy. Following the publication, Wes participated in a panel discussion with Globe & Mail on November 8, “Service Model of the Future - Tactics to thrive in a changing industry." The conversation centered on how the most successful wealth advisors have weathered the pandemic storm with their clients and what the future looks like for client relationships. 

Wes spoke about the movement of his team to a primarily virtual operation. The movement came out of necessity during the height of the pandemic, but has since proved its staying power. Moving the business to a virtual focus has allowed him and his colleagues to remain fully connected to their clients. In fact, the immediacy of teleconferencing opens up more opportunities to serve their clients. In some cases, it has become easier for clients to attend virtual meetings. From sourcing a specific tax attorney or an industry-specific accountant, Wes takes on a full-picture approach. The adoption of technology into their team’s operations allows them to offer a “full suite of individuals in-house” who manage each client relationship.

As Wes reiterates, the simplicity of clients taking meetings from their own living rooms, sipping from “their own mugs,” should not be undervalued. Enlisting a wealth advisor can be a daunting undertaking. Wes sees technology as a means to serve clients in a more efficient way by bringing world-class advice and resources to the comfort of one’s home.

Harbourfront Wealth Management was one of Wealth Professional Magazines 5 Star Brokerages for 2022. Wealth Professional is a free online information resource for all Canadian advice and planning professionals. This is not a paid award Harbourfront Wealth Management is not a sponsor.

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